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Arena was created by Horst Dassler in 1973 and since then Arena has had an ambition to promote swimming disciplines by producing quality swimwear for everyone. Arena’s swimwear and clothing are tested and manufactured in collaboration with the most talented developers and elite swimmers. The result is the best of the best.  Therefore, Arena is synonymous with top elite swimming and has been one of the top swimmers preferred brand at all major swimming events around the world. GETRO began to represent Arena in 1991, ultimately reporesenting Arena in the Danish market for 30 yeats with ongoing succes!

 " even if you do not swim for competitions, you still deserve to swim in nice and comfortable swimwear "


30-year partnership with GETRO

Le coq sportif was founded 130 years ago. The purpose was to provide high-quality sports products to both teams and individual athletes. Le Coq Sportif's history is marked by great moments; Bernard Hinault's five Tour De France wins, Yannick Noah's French Open title in 1983 and Argentina's World Cup in 1986 led by Diego Maradona. Today, Le Coq Sportif are still highly involved in huge sporting event-  currently being the official supplier of the leader’s jerseys for the Tour De France, sponsor of the Renault F1 team and much more. The brand is moving more and more into the lifestyle segment too, making Le Coq Sportif a brand both for the sport and fashion enthusiast – always with a touch of French elegance! 


 "  combining sporting performance and effortless elegance on and off the field "


In 2018 the exclusive sportswear brand ODLO was added to Getros portfolio. ODLO was founded in Oslo in 1946 and since then they have specialized in active wear that aims to give you the perfect comfort when being outdoors. #ZEROEXCUSES is not only a slogan, but also the conviction that bead weather can no longer be an excuse to cancel a training. Whether in heat or rain, the right equipment guarantees a perfect microclimate so that you always feel comfortable and perform at your highest level. 

“always make sure you are one step ahead” 


GETRO began to represent Arena in 1991, ultimately representing Arena in the Danish market for 30 years with ongoing success throughout the years! In 2016 GETRO formed a partnership with the iconic French brand Le Coq Sportif and 2 years later ODLO became a part of GETROS brand portfolio

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